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The energy discussion has become polarized.  There are those who believe climate change is a crisis requiring nothing short of toppling of the entire global economic system and those who believe it is serious but actionable with existing technologies, consumer pressure and government incentives.  


There are those who ask: what about the developing countries in the Global South who want to grow their economies and improve their standard of living with fossil fuels? The industrialized economies did it, why can’t they? 


In this documentary, we will take you on a journey to discover the possibilities that lie ahead as we address climate change and transition to a new energy future.


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meet Harrie

As one of the world’s leading experts on energy, climate change and economics, Dr. Harrie Vredenburg’s work impacts many people globally. His research has taken him around the world – from energy-rich regions to areas that are feeling the impact of climate change. He has seen first-hand how the world is transitioning to a new energy future and its impact on societies around the globe.


Together we will explore the current global energy picture, highlighting exciting developments in renewable energy generation, energy storage and possible ways forward to a low carbon emissions world without leaving anyone behind.  


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