What's the issue?

Climate change. It’s that simple. Gone are the days when people used to argue whether climate change is real or not. We’ve seen the effects with our own eyes, whether it’s cities burning to the ground, record temperatures in Pakistan or glaciers receding or sea level rise. But addressing this crisis is more complex than most people think. At the centre of this film, the question that we are asking ourselves, government leaders, industry experts and average citizens, is there a way for us to address the climate crisis without leaving anyone behind?

"The real issue about climate change, is what's gonna happen when large portions of the Earth becomes significantly inhabitable"


why this film? why now?

There are those who are calling for the immediate shut down of all fossil fuel production. If this goal is achieved right away, millions of people around the world will be left behind. What happens to countries in the global south? they want the same standard of living that we have in the west( which was mostly fuelled by cheap access to energy), is it fair to stop them from developing their natural resources? What about the people who work in the oil industry? Can we utilize their skills and expertise in the transition? can we address the climate crisis without leaving anyone behind?


why should i care?

The energy debate is extremely polarized. Most people are no longer listening to each other, instead, they are waving their own flags with the sole mission of being proven right. The people in the middle are oftened ignored.  Unless if we can come together and listen to each other, not with the intention of being proven right, but just to listen to the other point of view, as we transition to a greener future, many people, especially in the global south, will be left behind.


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